General Documents

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This is the time chart that CGA riders live by! To earn a Year End Award, you must be rated (at least 3 times in an event at that level) in a designated number of events. The Rating Matrix outlines all time divisions, from Future Champion to Supreme, in both Horse and Pony divisions.

This one page handout diagrams how to navigate each of the 13 CGA events. It is particularly useful to new riders.

This is the schematics for the 13 CGA events. It contains all of the measurements required to set up each of the CGA events. The perfect tool for all judges or would be judges!

This document spells out how jackpot winners are determined. The formula for determining jackpot winners in each of the five divisions is defined.

Rules and Policies

This booklet provides users with much required information to participate in events at CGA shows. It identifies what you need to know when you go to a show, explains the awards programs, and spells out State sponsored events (shows and convention). The Information Book explains how to start your own CGA district, provides district management guidelines, and discusses Master Judges, the CGA Master Judge Advisory Committee, the CGA Board of Governors, and the CGA Board of Directors, plus more! A 'must have' for everyone.

The Rule Book speaks to all facets of the running of CGA shows. It includes local district requirements and guidelines for the running of a show, including before, during and after a show. The Rule Book also includes rules for riders during the show, and all materials and equipment requirements for each event, including the construction of required equipment. A 'must have' for everyone.

The printout contains the primary articles that govern the California Gymkhana Association.

This manual defines the in's and out's of doing business at the State level, whether it involves CGA state level Officers, Board of Directors, or Board of Governors.

This manual shall serve as a resource for current members of the Board of Governors, the Board of Directors and the membership of CGA.

District Downloads

Users guide for the CGA District Show Software

**Districts please note:
The California Gymkhana Association's software, as well as many other documents on this website, are copyright protected. Anyone using these items outside of CGA without the written permission from the CGA Board of Governors and the CGA President will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

This PDF file contains a current listing of suspended CGA members. Suspended members are NOT allowed to run at any CGA show until their name is removed from this list. If necessary, CGA State Office may be contacted to verify if a name shown on the list has been reinstated, which would allow that person to participate in CGA shows again.

The Accident Report must be completed anytime there is an accident that causes the rider to withdraw from the show for any reason, regardless of whether or not medical help is needed. Every district should keep extra copies on hand at all times. The Show Secretary will forward the Accident Report to CGA State Office with the Show Package. This form is required by CGA's insurance company.

The Annual Contract must be completed and signed by each district. This is the document that says, yes, your district will uphold CGA rules, and lists district officers, district delegate and contact persons.