Judges' Corner

Master Judges

Dianna Malley, Vacaville (707) 410-7208 D4, D45, D49
Sheri Herchkorn, Watsonville (831) 728-9128 D32, D27
Andy Krogh, Valley Center (760) 505-8241 D10, D22, D33
Randy Young, Riverside (951) 684-9058 D20
Janet Young, Riverside (Rules Chairman) (951) 312-2182 D17
Margo Albatti, Santa Margarita (805) 459-1120 D14, D40
Ellen Carr, Vacaville (530) 865-2430
Lea Legnon, Hollister (408) 461-0112 D1, D6, D32
Dale Hohlbauch, Tulare (559) 358-5080 D18, D35
Timmi Lemen, Vacaville (707) 301-6655 D3, D50

Items from the MAC:

  • At the earlier Riders/General Membership meeting the MAC was asked to address the ladies Western Shirts that had a zipper on the back. We had already reviewed the functional versus non functional button front shirts. Members present agreed that as long as the shirts meet the current requirements we would allow them until the next Rules and Judges meeting.
  • Also mentioned at the meetings, MAC majority has agreed jeans with holes are legal, since there are judges giving a 1 second penalty for them. Judges should not be issuing a 1 second penalty.
  • Members were inquiring how the Rules Chairman was selected. The information regarding the Rules Chairman as well as what the MAC does, can be found in section 11 of the CGA Information Manual.
  • Please take a moment to read and refresh yourself on Section 2.3 Special Lead Line Rules for riders who need assistance.  The MAC has received concerns that all districts may not be adhering to the rules.  Section 2.3 is listed below:

2.3 Special "Lead Line" Rules for Riders who need assistance.

The CGA is interested in providing an opportunity for riders who need assistance to participate in CGA Shows. For this reason, the following special rules shall be applied at CGA Shows that allow participation of these riders:

a. A rider may be led through the course by a parent or responsible party provided the rider is not able to complete the course without assistance. Such assistance is allowed to ensure the safety of the rider but does not extend to the assistant touching the poles, flags or other obstacles. The Lead Line Team(horse, rider and leader) must properly complete the course. The assistant must conform to the same dress code defined for judges (See Section 6.1).

b. Hard hats are mandatory for all Lead Line riders. The animal being led shall be in normal tack with the addition of a halter and lead rope.

c. Lead Line riders may NOT participate in the Hurry Scurry event for safety reasons.

d. A mount may NOT be entered in the same event more than once except as a Lead Line entry.

e. Lead Line riders may proceed no faster than a trot or they will be disqualified.

f. When leading the animal across the timing line, the assistant must be at or behind the shoulder of the animal to prevent any timer malfunctions.

Recent Rule Changes

  • Change date: 01/04/2023: The following rule has been changed per the Rules and Judges meeting and General Membership meeting at Convention January 2023.  It will now read:  RB5.2 Proper Dress and Equipment “A one second penalty will be added to the time of any rider who starts the course with attire and/or equipment in violation of the rules (refer to Section 3.1)

Interested in becoming a Judge?

Any CGA member may apply to become an apprentice at 16 years of age or an official CGA judge at 18 years of age.  They must complete the entire process within 18 months of getting their apprentice card.  If they fail to do so, the apprenticeship is canceled and the candidate must start over from the beginning.  An apprentice may not start judging or taking tests until the apprentice card is received from the CGA State Office.  You can read the full criteria in the CGA Rule Book Section 6.1 - Requirements to become a CGA Judge.  You can request an apprentice packet by emailing CGAState@aol.com.