CGA Reports

A variety of CGA reports are updated throughout the year, and available for download. View or download a PDF copy of each report using the appropriate link below. Adobe Acrobat Reader™ is required for viewing. Acrobat Reader may be downloaded for free. The PDF report files will open in a new browser window.
Archived Rider Reports


On Going
              Current Membership file / Membership List
              Current Judges 05-23-2024
              Awards Standings 05-16-2024
              ROC Horse Standings 05-16-2024
              ROC Pony Standings 05-16-2024
              Senior Elite Standings 05-16-2024
              Divisional Champions 04-05-2024
              General Ratings 05-23-2024
              Awards Standings 07-31-2023 (Final)
              ROC Horse Standings 07-31-2023 (Final)
              ROC Pony Standings 07-31-2023 (Final)
              Senior Elite Standings 07-31-2023 (Final)
              Divisional Champions 07-31-2023 (Final)
              General Ratings 07-12-2023