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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes!

The minutes for the November 3rd Board of Directors meeting are now available.

CGA Officers with expiration year

To see the Nominations for those who will be voted on at the Nov 6 BOD meeting  Click Here

Executive Board

President - Nathan Rowles ('21)

Past President - Timmi Lemen

Vice Presidnet - Dale Hohlbauch ('21)

Treasurer - David Leighton ('21)

Secretary - Cherie Hohlbauch ('21)

Northern VP - Lance Barmettler ('21)

Central VP - Katie Archibald ('21)

Southern VP - Andy Krough ('21)

Rules and Judges Chairman - Janet Young

Parlimentarian - Leia Larson ('21)

Elected Directors

Morgna Easel ('21)

Andrea Garcia ('21)

Kira Allemand ('21)

Charla Cranor ('22)

Sheri Herchkorn ('22)

Mariah Coles ('22)

Allyson Shiffrar ('22)

Appointed Directors

Marc Hughes ('21)

Dawn Mileham ('21)

Chris Rowles ('21)

Sonja Peery ('21)

Margo Abatti ('21)


Timmi Lemen - Chair

Lea Legnon

Dianna Malley

Nathan Rowles

Bob Cranor

CGA State Office

Danna Herchkorn-Coté

Saturday November 6th, 2021 will be our annual meetings and elections that are normally held at Convention. The meetings will be held at the Wyndham Hotel in Visalia. Meetings will include: Bylaws, Rules and Judges, General Membership, Board Of Directors, MAC (closed meeting). All members are welcome and encouraged to attend to vote and have your voice heard! Have something you want to see changed? Now is your time to act!
Agenda items must be sent into the State Office in writing by 10/06/2021 by 5:00pm to Please review this process in section 7 of the policy manual.
Nominations for all positions will open on 8/8/2021. Executive Board - President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer. Board of Director positions (4). And one Board of Governor position. Nominations and nomination acceptances will close on 9/22/2021 at 5:00pm. Nominations/Acceptances must be received via email to the CGA State Office at They will be posted on our Facebook page and Website for all members to see. Eligibility for all positions and nominations are discussed in section 2’of the policy Manual.
Absentee ballot requests must be received in the State Office by 9/22/21 at 5:00pm in writing to Absentee Ballots must be received back to the office by 10/27/21 in order to be counted for the election.
If you have any questions about any of the dates or the process for nominations, acceptances, or requesting an absentee ballot please email the State Office at
There will be meetings/elections only on 11/6/2021. No dinner, awards ceremony or speeches

Added Agenda Items for 11/6/2021 meetings -


All normal committee reports as well as time for questions/comments/concerns will take place at each meeting. These are added agenda items brought forth by members of CGA to be discussed.


Bylaws Meeting:

-Submited by Sheri Herchkorn:


Article 5 Ruling Body


Add to end of last paragraph “A district delegate can only represent one district and only has a single vote.”


Article 6 Meetings

Add to end of last paragraph “A member can have only 1 vote regardless of positions held. ie: a Board of Director who is also a district delegate only has a single vote”.


Historically in CGA more than a single vote per member was never allowed.

At the May 2021 BOD meeting, it was asked where that policy or rule was in writing. That is why I have come up with the above.


Board Of Directors Meeting:

-Submited by Sonja Peery:

Active duty military members do not have to meet the requirements (rides) to compete in the CGA State Show. (non-voting)


-Submitted by Lea Legnon:

Amendment to Procedure Manual:


Section 2.3 Election Procedure


  1. f) The officers/directors elect will be installed at the BoD meeting held at the annual CGA awards Convention.



Revise to read as follows:


The officers/directors elect will be sworn in and installed at the BoD meeting held at the annual CGA awards Convention.



-Submitted by Danna Herchkorn-Cote:


Discussion item (Non-voting)


I would like to recommend that at State Show, no medallions be awarded for times below your class. This causes Highpoint point totals to not reflect what times were and were not run in the division someone was signed up in. This causes State Show highpoint to have to be calculated by hand, allowing for human errors to be made and taking hours to total up.



General Membership meeting:


-Submitted by Sonja Peery:

Persons who are interested in trying out a CGA show or are visiting family/friends wanting to ride in a CGA show should pay a $10.00 day fee per visiting  rider. If that rider decides to join CGA within 30 calendar days of the 1st initial ride the $10.00 will go towards their single/family membership fee.



Attention all Members: NOMINATIONS ARE IN!!


Any current member, in good standing, 12 or older on November 6th can vote in person at the meeting.

All requested Absentee Ballots will be sent out next week. Please make sure to return them in the enclosed envelopes in time to be received back in the State Office.

Here are the nominees for this years Board Of Governors position. Only BOD, Executive Board and Delegates will vote on this position at the November 6th meeting. There is one BoG position open.

I would like to nominate Dianna Malley for the position on the BOG. Dianna has served on the BOG for 12 years. She’s someone who is always willing to jump in at a show and go above and beyond to make sure things are able to run and run smoothly. She is a member who really cares about the organization and it’s best interest. Dianna would be a great steward for the organization and would be someone trust worthy to help guide us through our transition period. She can be trusted to make the tough decisions and to act in the best interest of our club and our members. She would be a valuable addition to the BOG and a voice for the riders and members.
-Marc Hughes

I accept. Thank you.
-Dianna Malley


I'd like to nominate Lorelei Lehman for BOG
-Charla Cranor

I would like to accept the nomination to the CGA Board of Governors. As a member of CGA for over 15 years, a CGA judge, a past Board of Directors for multiple terms and CGA competitor, I love this organization and want to be a part of our future growth.

Lorelei Lehman


I nominate Sheri Herchkorn for BOG. She has been a dedicated CGA member for many years . She would be a great addition to the board of governors.
-Amy Odom-Tollison

I respectfully accept the nomination for CGA Board of Governor.
I joined the California Gymkhana Association in 1987 and became a judge in 1989.
I was first appointed to the CGA State Board of Directors in in 1996, then served as the State Treasurer from 1997-2000.
I became a Governor in 2000 and continued on the Board, serving as the Chair for many years until 2011 when I decided to retire following my term.
I became a Master Judge in 2002.
I have never missed a State Show since my first in 1988. Only missing three State Board meetings since 1989.
I continue to be very active with District 1, presently serving as Vice President.
CGA is very important to me and my family. It’s continued growth and success is something I will continue to work very hard for.

Thank you for your consideration.

-Sheri Herchkorn


**Board of Directors - there are 4 open BoD positions**

I would like to Nominate Lance Barmettler for Board of Directors.

Lance has been a CGA Member for 10 years.
He was a D49 board member/ arena manager for 3 years.
He was a D3 co-founder/ Current President for 5 years.
He is Currently Northern VP (2 years)
He was a State Show Arena Director 2015 thru 2019 (5years)
Lance has been very active and supportive within CGA for the last decade. I feel he would be a great asset to the association.

Thank you,
Tiffany Martin

I Lance Barmettler accept my nomination for board of directors. I enjoying being involved in the organization and helping it thrive. I am currently the president of CGA District 3 in Lincoln as well as the Northern VP. This last season I was able to travel with my family and visit many of our great CGA districts, including D4 in Vacaville, D33 in Temecula, D1 in Hollister, D40 in Santa Maria and D14 in Atascadero. What a great group of people supporting our organization at the district level.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue help CGA evolve and grow, as we slowly return to a new normal. Thank you for your support.

-Lance Barmettler.


I would like to nominate Kyra Allemand for the CGA Board of Directors.

Kyra is 21 years old and has grown up in CGA for pretty much her whole life.This wonderful young lady started as a lead-liner in the early 2000s, brought a pony from FC to AA, competed in ROC Pony from 2014-2019, and is currently working on moving her young horse from FC to A. Kyra has also served on the board for District 27 for the last decade, the State Board of Directors for the past two years, has been a carded judge since the time she was eligible in August 2018. At shows, you’ll likely find her welcoming new riders or helping out in the arena. This broad spectrum of experience, combined with her commitment to CGA, make Kyra an excellent candidate to continue being a member of the Board.
Karin Hoffee
CGA D27 President
CGA Friends Sponsorship Fund Founder

Thank you, Karin. It is with great enthusiasm that I accept my nomination to continue on the CGA State Board of Directors.
As a lifetime CGA member, I want nothing more than to see this organization keep thriving. I cherish all the memories and friends made at shows, and I would love for others to have the same opportunity for generations to come. I have extensive experience with problem-solving as a group and will always strive toward the best possible outcomes for the good of all CGA members. I know first-hand what it’s like to be a fast rider and a slow rider, in pony and horse divisions, and I also know what it’s like to be part of a show management team. I bring all my experiences to the table with me when it comes time to discuss important issues, yet I also recognize the importance of listening to others’ experiences. I sit at that Board table to represent YOU, and would love the opportunity to continue doing so.
Kyra Allemand


I’d like to nominate Kasinda Thompson and Avielle Hannan for board of directors.

-Charla Cranor

Hey there,

Charla Cranor told me she nominated me for a board of directors position and I just wanted to accept the nomination.

Thanks, Kasinda


I accept the nomination for board of directors.

Hello! My name is Avielle Hannan, formerly Avielle Lehman. I have been apart of CGA for 15years now. I have served on the board of directors before, competed, brought many members to CGA and also accomplished Hall Of Fame 8 times. My love for this sport runs deep. With just welcoming my daughter into this world I want to keep the excitement, sportsmanship and love of this sport alive for the next generation of CGA.

-Avielle Hannan


I would like to nominate Morgan Easel for a position on the Board of Directors. Morgan has been with CGA since 1993. She has been on various District boards as Awards Coordinator, Youth President (back in the early 2000's), worker coordinator and district delegate for District 17 Modjeska Mavericks and now serves as worker coordinator for District 20, Norco Ranglers as well as a current BOD. She knows how much this association runs on volunteers and is always ready to step up and volunteer wherever needed. Some of you may know her daughter as the little girl on the giant horse(s). Morgan is so excited to watch her daughter's love of horses, gymkhana and CGA grow just like hers did growing up riding in this great association. She loves CGA as it has been a part of her life growing up and has this association to thank for teaching her valuable lessons inside and outside of the arena as well as all the friends she has made over the years. Please consider this hard working and dedicated women when you cast your vote for Board of Director.

Michele Easel

I, Morgan Easel, humbly accept the nomination for BOD. I throughly enjoyed serving the past 2 years as a BOD, even through all the uncertainty with COVID. I would love the opportunity to serve another 2 years as a BOD.


I'd like to nominate Dawn Mileham for CGA Board of Directors.

Thank you.

-Marnie Nessen

Good evening,

I would like to accept the nomination to rum for the BOD for California Gymkhana Association.

I have served on the BOD for the past 2 years during the pandemic. Although, we haven’t been able to do as much the last 18 months due to COVID, I attended every meeting and made sure to vote on the important items we had to face in this unprecedented time.
I have served on the Board for CGA District 6 for the past 5 years. We took over a struggling club and brought it back from low ridership and then near bankruptcy. As a member of the board I was able to brainstorm with a very small board to build up revenue, make our show more fun for the riders and came up with new and exciting branded awards.
I worked closely with Inderbitzen Ranch to move our district to a safe arena when we were unable to negotiate with our former arena. Our ridership doubled when we moved, but our core members stuck with us throughout because we always make sure our riders feel welcome.
Although we have not been able to run a show first with COVID and now with issues with Alameda County, I have been travelling to other district shows as much as I can and make sure I help wherever I can. I feel that I have many districts I can call home, not just the district I help run.
If elected again to the BOD, I will continue to serve our club in any way I can. I'm excited for our future. CGA Strong!

Thank you,

Dawn Mileham
CGA D6 Treasurer


I would like to nominate Fayra Staas for Board of Directors

Fayra has been a CGA member since the 80s.
She is currently the Vice President of CGA District 3 and has served on their board in various positions through the years. Fayra has volunteered her time on the board of other CGA districts as well. Fayra has previously served on the BOD. Fayra is a carded CGA judge and is always willing to step in and help with a smile and positive attitude. I feel she would be an asset to the BOD with her years of experience as a board member as well as a rider.

-Lance Barmettler

I gladly accept this nomination.

Fayra Staas



Hello, I Caitlin Edwards would like to re-elect Nathan Rowles for CGA president.

Good morning. I would like to formally accept the nomination of CGA president reelection. Over the past two years it has definitely been rough on CGA. I have worked very closely with the BoG to make the proper decisions to help keep the organization afloat. I have been up and down California helping districts. With the help and support of the members I would like to continue to lead CGA in the direction of success.

-Nathan Rowles



I’d like to nominate Marnie Nessen for the position of Treasurer. Marnie has worked for banking institutions for 25 years and has been an active member of CGA for many years. She’s been involved in multiple positions at the district level, was coordinator at State of Kids activities and Carnival and is our districts State delegate, never failing to miss a meeting. Please consider Marnie Nessen for treasurer.

Thank you, Timmi Lemen

Thank you for the vote of confidence Timmi. I accept my nomination.

I have been an active member of CGA for many years and very involved at the district level. I offer great attention to detail, extensive banking background and a willingness to learn and grow. Thank you for your consideration.

-Marnie Nessen

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