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  Important Dates! Mark your calendars...
Year End 2020! The Board of Governors would like to thank some people and districts that have made donations to help support our wonderful organization in this crazy time. As we all know so much has been canceled including most of all our district shows which is the biggest source of income to support CGA. Thank You to Arrow Electric and Waterproofing Associates of District # 1 for your donations of $500.00 each. District # 4 $500.00, District # 6 $300.00, District # 33 $1,000.00, District # 40 $870.00, Martin Ranch donated their arena and grounds for 3 days for a total of $1,800.00 for the Freedom Rally, Rodger and Phyllis Odom for donating Porta Potties for the Freedon Rally $400.00, and the silent auction at the Freedom Rally raised $625.00. Our CGA family knows how to come together and support this awesome organization and we love you all. Any district wishing to add to this list of donations can do so at anytime. Lets keep this going.
CGA Corona Blues Fundraiser Ralley! September 4, 5, 6 & 7, 2020 (Setups on Friday Sept. 4th.) in San Juan Bautista, CA.This is a cash only ride with cash payout for 1st thru 3rd in each division. There will also be a leadline division for special leadline awards. All times will count towards your CGA state year end awards for the 2020-2021 season.This is a private event and you must be a CGA member to participate. Entry form View now. Leadline entry View now.
2019/2020 Year End Awards REMEMBER RIDERS TODAY IS THE DEADLINE FOR ROLLING OVER YOUR AWARD FEES TO NEXT SEASON. YOU MUST EMAIL STATE OFFICE IF YOU PLAN TO DO THAT. If you have signed up for year end awards for the 2019/2020 season please read the following. View now.
Northern Classic 2020! Due to an overwhelming concern from our riders Northern Classic in September is canceled. The 2019-2020 Season will end July 31, 2020.
Spring Classic 2020 CANCELED!
Year End Awards 2020! The Board of Governors are currently working on what will happen with members that have signed up for year end awards. They have a few ideas however each will be specific to how long the SIP is in order. At this time nobody has an answer for that so they don't want to make a decision that will have to be changed again if the SIP is extended past May 4, 2020. Please be understanding and patient with this process. Nobody is going to loose their award or fees there is just uncertainty in all of this and it's no different for the governors.

State Show and Convvention 2020! After much discussion and with great regret, the Board of Governors have voted to cancel State Show and Convention. The financial impact on CGA as an organization is immense due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This decision is to preserve what we can of the organization’s finances to give CGA the best chance at surviving this crisis.

With the ongoing SIP order for the state of California there have not been any shows and no revenue coming into the organization. The current SIP order is in effect until May 4th, and possibly to be extended beyond that. We know that State is not until mid to late July, but considerable expenses would need to be spent now to be prepared for a show of that magnitude. We are hoping that districts will be able to hosts large shows in place of State for the month of July.

As all of you know State and the income generated from it, pays for Convention. We cannot have Convention without the income from State. Without a definitive date when the SIP may be lifted, the BOG needs to do what we can to preserve the funds currently in the organization’s account.

Even without shows, the organization still has monthly overhead expenses that need to be met. We are working on solutions to minimize those expenses, to preserve those funds, so that when the SIP is lifted and our nation is healthy again, we want CGA to be able to continue for our members.

At this time, we have not moved to cancel the Classics. The Classics do not have any expenses to be met unless those shows are held. We will leave those shows on the calendar and revisit them if we need to closer to that time.

We are hopeful that the nation will recover, and get back to normal. We are aware that this crisis has impacted many of our members and their families, causing financial strains and difficulties. We are hopeful that our members will come through this difficult time, and we have considered them in our decision to cancel State and Convention.

State is the time our CGA members come together as families and spend vacation time together, it would not be fair to have a State that was not able to be attended by our members due to the financial burden being faced by so many. There are those that have had to use their PTO, used savings and pulled money from their 401k, just to make ends meet during this uncertain time. We know that the Covid-19 crisis, will make it impossible for all of our members to participate if there were to be State this year. We are hopeful that we will be able to participate again soon in local district shows.

This decision was one that for all of us comes as a heartbreaking reality to have to cancel something that has been in our CGA family as tradition, for decades.

We look forward to the happy memories our future events will create for all of us. Most importantly, we hope all of you and your families are practicing social distancing and are remaining healthy and safe.

CGA Board of Governors

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes! The Minutes for the November 3rd Board of Directors Meeting are now available. Click on Downloads, Etc. to view all State agendas/minutes.
The Process for using the members.txt file.! The instructions for using the members.txt file are available here.
Divisional Champion and Reserve Documentation explaining how the Divisional Champion and Reserve Champion report is generated. View now.
District 8 Suspension Hearing Documentation of the Hearing for the District 8 Board. View now.
Districts need to submit their show dates for the 2019-2020 show season. Districts must submit show/rain dates to State Office a minimum of 14 days prior to the show/rain date.
New District Software Upgrade! - The local district software has been upgraded to Build 0944, posted 11/18/14. If you have previously downloaded the 0942 or 0943 upgrade you will need to update that with the 0944 to have all the current updates. Click on Downloads, Etc. to download the software for your district. Please be aware that this software only runs on 32 bit and 64 bit laptops/PCs.
Sign Up For Year End Awards! Yes, it's that time again! The 2019-2020 season runs July 29, 2019 through the CGA State Show Finals the end of July 2020. You have 60 days following your first show to sign up for Year End Awards. Otherwise, your rides from that show will not count! Sign up now before you forget! Select the type of Award (such as Level 1, Level 2, Family Team Awards, etc.) you wish to earn, and submit the appropriate form. Want more info? Click on Awards Program.
Board of Directors Policy Manual! The Board of Directors made some changes to their Policy Manual on 3/3/2018. Go to Downloads, etc. or view it now.
Board of Governors Procedure Manual! The Board of Governors made some changes to their Procedure Manual on 2/25/2017. Go to Downloads, etc. or view it now.

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What is Gymkhana?

Gymkhana is timed obstacle racing on horseback. It is one of the most exciting family oriented equestrian sports in the world. It is a fast growing sport that anyone can enjoy.

The California Gymkhana Association offers riders an opportunity to participate in shows throughout California. Riders may earn a variety of awards while participating in the 13 events. Some events favor speed, and some events favor skill. Awards may be earned at all skill levels, from Future Champion to Hall of Fame!

We encourage you to click on the CGA links and browse the pages. It should be easy to find the information you seek within 2 button clicks or less! The content has been written to be highly informative.

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