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  Important Dates! Mark your calendars...

August 24 October 7, 2015 - State Office will be accepting nominations for State Officers and Directors. There are 4 Officer positions and 4 Director positions (two year terms) open this election. Nominations must be dated and in writing, either regular mail, email or fax to State Office. The candidate must respond & agree to serve if elected. Submit a candidate statement of 200 words or less indicating qualifications, length of membership, reason for running for office and any other information. Candidate statements must be emailed and will be published in The World of Gymkhana. Elections are at State Convention November 21st from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Double Tree Hotel in Fresno, CA. October 7, 2015 is also the deadline for requesting absentee ballots so if you are not going to attend Convention you must request your absentee ballots before the deadline.

October 3 & 4, 2015 Jamboree! This year's Jamboree is hosted by District #40 in Santa Maria. Jamboree buckles to High Point winners! Set-ups by request will be run on Friday, October 2nd, at 2 pm. There is dry camping and lots of stalls. See State Events for more information or download the entry form now.
New District Software Upgrade! - The local district software has been upgraded to Build 0944, posted 11/18/14. If you have previously downloaded the 0942 or 0943 upgrade you will need to update that with the 0944 to have all the current updates. Click on Downloads, Etc. to download the software for your district. Please be aware that this software only runs on 32 bit and 64 bit laptops/PCs.
State Office Relocated! State Office has relocated to Manteca, CA. The new address for all CGA mail is P.O. Box 2187, Manteca, CA 95336. All mail sent to the old address will be forwarded to the new PO Box in Manteca.
Sign Up For Year End Awards! Yes, it's that time again! The 2014-2015 season runs August 2014 through the CGA State Show Finals the end of July 2015. You have 60 days following your first show to sign up for Year End Awards. Otherwise, your rides from that show will not count! Sign up now before you forget! Select the type of Award (such as Level 1, Level 2, Family Team Awards, etc.) you wish to earn, and submit the appropriate form. Want more info? Click on Awards Program.
Board of Governors Procedure Manual! The Board of Governors made some changes to their Procedure Manual on 2/4/12. Go to Downloads, etc. or view it now.
Newspaper Alert! Due to the current economic conditions, the CGA World of Gymkhana™ newspaper, will be available in its existing and present form on the CGA website. Click on the Newspaper button to view, download or print the newspaper.

Local districts are responsible for providing district articles to State Office by the 10th of each month for the next month's issue. The newspaper is published on-line in its entirety.
As of January 1, 2011, credit cards are no longer accepted for payment. All payments must be made by Check or Money Order.

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He shoots CGA shows as well as many other events.

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What is Gymkhana?

Gymkhana is timed obstacle racing on horseback. It is one of the most exciting family oriented equestrian sports in the world. It is a fast growing sport that anyone can enjoy.

The California Gymkhana Association offers riders an opportunity to participate in shows throughout California. Riders may earn a variety of awards while participating in the 13 events. Some events favor speed, and some events favor skill. Awards may be earned at all skill levels, from Future Champion to Hall of Fame!

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