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District Event Sign-up List
State Show 2018

The State Championship Show is July 20 - July 28, 2018. Start planning!

Each local district is expected to sign up for an event to run at State Show. This includes the set-ups on Saturday preceding the State Show, the regular event during the week, and the event's Match Race (top 16 riders in the event compete in heats) after the regular event. All events will be measured and the courses set up with the assistance of a Master Judge. Contact State Office @ 209-665-7977 to sign up for an event. Please check out the Local District State Show Event Responsibilities.

Districts not yet signed up are:
20, 30

State Show Local District Event Sign-up List
Day Arena Divisions Event District
Saturday, 7/21
(tbd) (all) All 13 (as signed up below)
Sunday, 7/22 1 (All) Keyhole District # 1 & 32
2 (All) Figure 8 Flags District # 45, AAA+, AAA, FC Dist. # 35 AA, A
4 -- --closed--  
3 (All) Barrels District # 17
Monday, 7/23 4 AAA+, AAA, FC Quadrangle District # 22
5 AA, A Quadrangle District # 14
3 (all) Speedball District # 11
1 AAA+, AAA, FC, LL Poles I District # 4
2 AA, A Poles 1 District # 9
Tuesday, 7/24 No Events held today
Wednesday, 7/25 3 AA, A Hurry Scurry  
4 AAA+, AAA, FC Hurry Scurry  
1 AAA+, AAA, FC Poles II District # 40
2 AA, A Poles II District # 23
Thursday, 7/26 3 (All) Birangle District # 6 & 7
5 (All) Big T District # 50
1 (All) Fig. 8 Stake District # 27 & 18
2 -- --closed--  
Friday, 7/27 4 AA, A Speed Barrels District # 10
3 AAA+, AAA, FC, LL Speed Barrels District # 33
1 AA, A Single Stake District # 3
1 AAA+, AAA, FC, LL Single Stake District # 49
Saturday, 7/28   Event or Match Race make-ups are held today, if needed.
(Make-ups are not usually needed.)
Local District Responsibilities

At State Show, it is each local district's responsibility to:

  • Select an event to run from the list above.

  • Set-Up and Regular Event: Provide a judge, all arena help, gatekeeper, announcer/timewriter and two time writers, and timers to run the event. Each local district may want to plan for back-up help to avoid fatigue and share the workload. (State Show Committee will measure the arena events; the local district will set the obstacles.)

  • Match Race: Provide a minimum of four and maximum of six carded judges, in addition to pole/barrel setters. One judge will be on the gate with a flag, signalling the readiness of the designated match race rider and allowing the rider entrance to the arena at the proper time. The other judges will be inside the arena signaling the outcome of the ride in that arena to the responsible Master Judge. (The Match Race Committee, and not the local district, is responsible for setting up the course.)

  • It is the district's responsibility to find the appropriate help for their event. Judges and helpers do not necessarily have to be from the local district, but agree to assist the district.

  • Smaller districts with minimal help may request to share responsibility for an event with another smaller district. This request must go to Rodger Odom at (209) 665-7969, for approval.
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