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Local District Software Download


Click to Download Software File

When you click on the link above, you should get a question asking if you want to save or open this file. The question may be at the bottom of your screen, and may look like this:

Download Software image

Answer: Click on 'SAVE' or 'SAVE AS'. The CGA file you are downloading is an Executable (.exe) file, so it may generate a file download warning similar to this one:

software download warming

If you get this warning, click on 'ACTIONS' and DOWNLOAD. It may generate another warning, such as:

software download warning

Click on 'More Options' near the bottom of the warning. Your additional option to download the file will appear, such as:

software download warning

Select 'Run anyway' and Allow the download.

Your download process should look similar to these screens:

software warning

Click on 'Next'.

software warning

Click in the Agree box (lower left corner), then click on 'Next'.

software warning

The Installation Folder will probably default to downloading (saving) the CGA file to your C:\ drive. You may elect to hit the Browse button and save the file elsewhere. Remember the location where you save the CGA file. Click 'Install'. Next you will see this last screen:

software finish

Click on 'Finish'.

Now that the file is downloaded to a known location on your computer, it is time to copy the file from your computer to a flash drive, CD or DVD. You will then use the flash drive, CD or DVD (whichever you chose) to upload the file to your local district's laptop. Do NOT open (execute) the file until it is on your local district's laptop.

This district software download provides bug fixes and enhancements to CGA software version 9.00 since the 0934 build CD was created. Click on the link above to download and apply the fix. Note - This is NOT the complete software package. If you don't already have the CGA 9.00 software installed, contact State Office, because downloading this will do you no good. 10/10/16 enhancement - Build 0946. This newest build is 3.5 Mb so may take a while to download.

This software will only work with a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system! Please be sure when buying a laptop that it uses a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system. The software will not work with a 16 bit system.

**Districts please note:
The California Gymkhana Association's software, as well as many other documents on this website, are copyright protected. Anyone using these items outside of CGA without the written permission from the CGA Board of Governors and the CGA President will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


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