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California Gymkhana Association

District 3

The Posse Riders

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District Information:
           bullet Fayra Staas 530-682-8206
           bullet email:
           bullet Sugarland Horse Park (Indoor Arena)
41070 County Road 18C
Woodland, CA 95776
           bullet Days - Sign up at 8:00 AM, ride at 9:00 AM
           Type 1 Show Events: Barrels, Keyhole, Hurry Scurry, Poles I, Quadrangle, Speed Barrels, Figure 8 Stake
           Type 2 Show Events: Barrels, Big T, Figure 8 Flags, Poles II, Speed Ball, Single Stake, Birangle
  2018-2019 SHOW SEASON
  • 2019
  • January 5, Sat. Type 2 CANCELED
  • January 26, Sat. Type 2
  • Febuary 2, Sat. Type 1
  • March 16, Sat. Type 2
  • May 4, Sat. Friends of CGA Sponsorship Show
  • May 5, Sun.
  • May 19, Sun.
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