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Local District Requirements:

How to Start a New CGA District

CGA's primary purpose is to be a support organization for sanctioned CGA show Districts
and its members. CGA does not take away the identity of member clubs. Any club may become a CGA local district by meeting the requirements listed below. See District Management for local district responsibilities.

Any person or existing club can start a new CGA show district.

Riders Meeting before start of local district show.
What are the Requirements?

Any club that is predominantly Gymkhana or any individual who wants to start a new district can apply to CGA and have CGA shows. That is, if they meet the minimal requirements. If you can meet the requirements, you should have no difficulty becoming a CGA District and having CGA sanctioned shows.

The new district must:

1. Submit a Petition for New CGA District.
2. Sign an annual contract with CGA. The contract may be downloaded or requested from CGA State Office.
3. Be willing to schedule at least 7 shows with at least 6 events per show over a 12 month period, and run all 13 events at least 4 times each throughout the show season.

Have enough riders and workers who are willing to participate in the local area. It
is necessary to have a petition signed by:

  • Twenty (20) riders who will attend shows,
  • Five (5) people to work at a show as secretaries, announcers, gate persons, etc.,
  • Two (2) people who are willing to become judges.
5. Have an arena that is safe and large enough to run the events. The district arena size must be at least 120 feet by 250 feet. This arena size allows for the largest CGA event to be run, which is the Barrel Race. On occasion, an arena may be used that is smaller. For example, some districts may want to run some shows in the winter and must use an indoor arena which may not be big enough to run barrels or the quadrangle race. Also, a district may want to split their regular arena down the middle with a temporary fence so that two events can be run at the same time. The fence is then removed to run the larger events. To run any event there must always be 80 feet to the start line and at least 15 feet between the course obstacles and the fence. At no time may course dimensions be altered to fit the arena. Every district must run all 13 events at least 4 times during each show season, including the large and long events. Any district may run in more than one arena.

CGA Districts are expected to support the State Organization as follows:

  1. Support the Jamboree, CGA State Championship, CGA Classic Shows and other “State Run” Shows by providing help (judges, secretaries, announcers, and others) as required for these shows.
  2. Provide loan of equipment and timers as may be required for State run shows.
  3. Sponsor new districts as requested by the CGA State Office.
  4. Pay $1.00/ride for each ride at CGA sanctioned shows.
  5. Abide by the CGA By-Laws.
  6. Uphold CGA rules and regulations.
For more information regarding membership in CGA, please contact the
CGA State Office during business hours between 8:00 am and 4:00 PM, or send an email.
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