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Local District Responsibility:


The Treasurer should be someone who is impeccably honest with monies and is not experiencing financial difficulties in their private life. After all, the Treasurer is controlling all of the monies for the local District.

The Treasurer holds the purse strings to the local district's funds.

The treasurer monitors all monies
What are the Treasurer's Responsibilities?
The duties and responsibilities of the Treasurer include the following:
Manage the club's check book.
  Receive and disburse operating funds.

See that all incoming monies are properly accounted for and input to the district's bank account.


Maintain records and prepare financial reports as required.


Give a treasurer’s report at club/local Board of Directors and General Meetings.

  The local district may stipulate with their bank that two signatures be present on each check at all times. This would require a signature card. It is recommended that three persons be listed on the signature card. Hopefully, at least two of them will attend each show where they may sign checks, as needed.
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