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Local District Responsibility:

Show Secretary

Every district should have a head Show Secretary. The Show Secretary is primarily responsible for all show paperwork, and getting the proper paperwork to State Office.

Show paperwork should be submitted to State Office within one week following the show.

Show entry form
What are the Show Secretary's Responsibilities?
The duties and responsibilities of the Show Secretary include the following:
Prepare and organize the paperwork required for starting and running the show. This includes plenty of blank entry forms, add/scratch forms, CGA membership form, the various CGA Year End Award program forms, CGA accident report forms, and any local district membership or year end award forms.
  Solicit and schedule all of the help required to run the show, i.e.; awards, hi-point, ribbons, booth (announcer and time writer), signup, judges, gate and arena crews. Much of the show help can be secured with a Helpers Sign-up Sheet as the riders are submitting entry forms.
  Set up a program for training new secretaries so that the same people do not have to work every show. For example, Show Team A runs a show on week #1 and Show Team B runs a show on week #2, etc. You need to cross train people for all tasks.
  At the end of each show, the Secretary and Show Manager should get together and count all money taken in at the show. Each should retain a copy signed by both as to the totals to ensure that all money is always properly accounted for. Those using the free CGA computer software can reconcile their cash box to the computer-generated show summary.
  Complete the CGA Show Summary Form with accompanying show results for transmittal to the CGA State Office within one week.

The show packet you mail to the CGA State Office should include these items:

  1. BOTH copies of your announcers sheets with handwritten times in two different handwritings. Time writers should sign each of their sheets.
  2. The sign up sheets. The show entry form must be complete with the rider's full name, address, and the name
    of their horse or pony. Please sort them in alphabetical order by last name. Make sure they are signed. They must be signed by the rider if 18 years of age or older, or signed by the rider's legal guardian if the rider is under 18 years of age.
  3. A Show Summary sheet. Cross check that the same number (if any) of CGA state level membership and awards forms are included in the packet as shown on the Summary. CGA state level Membership and award forms must be signed and sent in with the show.
  4. State Office diskette and include it with the show packet.
  5. CGA State Posting List. This is an alphabetical listing of the riders with the times that have been entered for them. Include this in the packet.
  6. Include a check for the amount shown on your Show Summary owed to CGA. This amount is the total of all rides x $1.25 plus the total membership amount, plus the total in awards.
  7. The check should be paper clipped (no staples please) to the Show Summary. Place the diskette between layers of time sheets for protection. Do NOT use paper clips to secure the diskette, as they will damage it. Make a stack with the following in order (bottom to top): Hand written time sheets, computer generated reports, sign up sheets, Accident reports for any accidents (accidents must be reported on the CGA Accident Report Form and sent in with the show packet), membership and year-end award sign ups, and the show summary and check on top.

Mail the entire show packet to:

California Gymkhana Association
PO Box 2187, Manteca CA 95336

The State Office will return a report of the rider’s times to you that you should keep available for reference. Many riders will come to you for this information.

Please do not hold one show packet in order to send in two show packets together unless both shows are run on the same weekend.

The day awards will vary from one show district to another depending upon the policies of each district. In most cases, show districts will provide year end awards for those people who attend their local shows. Information about day and year end awards can be obtained from the Show Secretary at each of the CGA show districts since each district is different.
The shows from each district are entered in the computer as they are received. They are proof read to eliminate any data entry errors, and a copy of the show results is printed and sent to the submitting districts. As the show season progresses, current standings may be obtained at any time by sending a self addressed, stamped #10 (business size) envelope with the rider/mount name to the CGA State Office. If you are requesting standings for more than one rider, please include sufficient postage. You may also request a rating report at the web site at for current standings. The show district secretary also maintains a copy of these records for easy reference by the riders.
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