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Show Manager

District management should appoint a Show Manager. The Show Manager is responsible for the overall operation of the horse shows put on in your district. The Show Manager's success depends greatly on their ability to choose the proper people to discharge the duties that are needed for each of the operations involved in running a horse show. The Show Manager should stay in constant contact with each of these people to ensure that their phase of the show is well prepared and will be successful.

The Show Manager is responsible for all show activities outside of the booth, and plays a major role in the success of each district.

Day of show schedule of events
What are the Show Manager's Responsibilities?
The duties and responsibilities of the Show Manager include the following:
Establish the show schedule and send to the CGA State Office for approval. Include rain dates, if any. If possible, send all show dates for the entire season as soon as the dates have been selected. Dates must be submitted in writing a minimum of 14 days in advance of the show.
Notify State Office immediately (within 24 hours) if an approved show will be cancelled.
Be in attendance at every show, or select a qualified alternate who will fill in for you at the show.
Assume responsibility for the arena preparation, arena helpers, and the events to be run.
Set the order of events, including set-ups, if any.

The following information should be made available by the Show Manager for distribution at least 14 days prior to the date of a show:

  1. Division of competition and events to be run.
  2. Awards to be given.
  3. Location of the show and map and/or instructions for finding the show grounds.
  4. Show starting time.
  5. Availability of food and drinks.
  6. Entry fee per class.
  7. Name, address, and telephone number of Show Secretary.
  8. Any other general information or ground rules for the show. However, ground rules must not be in conflict with rules of the California Gymkhana Association.
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