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Local District Responsibility:

Grounds and Equipment Chairperson

The Grounds and Equipment Chairperson ensures that the grounds are safe for riders, and the show equipment is in good working order and meets CGA specifications.

A good Grounds and Equipment Chairperson is a must for a successful show.

Grooming the grounds
What are the Grounds & Equipment Chairperson Responsibilities?
The duties and responsibilities of the Grounds and Equipment Chairperson include the following:

See to it that the ground is worked up properly to ensure a fast and safe arena prior to the show. The arena should be properly prepared for Gymkhana competition. It should be disked, rocks removed, leveled and watered as required for the safety of the horse and rider. The arena must be in a condition to be considered 'safe' for the riders.


Ensure that all of the equipment is available, ready and operable for the show, such as poles, barrels, speed ball cones, golf balls, hurry scurry jumps, measuring tapes, rakes, chalk, sand, 10 quart buckets, flags and electronic timers.


Ensure that all required show equipment meets the specifications described in the CGA Rule Book.

  Ensure the equipment is put away after the show is over.
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