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Gate Person

The gate person has more personal contact with the riders than any other person at the show. Therefore, his/her attitude can either make or break a show for the rider and district. Choose your gateperson carefully. The gate person is more important than most people understand. It doesn't hurt to offer the gatekeeper a cool refreshment on a hot day during long events.

The gate person should be a responsible person capable of performing gate person duties. Age requirements may be set by local districts.

What are the Gate Person's Responsibilities?
The duties and responsibilities of the Gate Person include the following:
Open and close the gate to let each rider in/out as rapidly as possible consistent with good safety practices.
  Speed up the show by having the next rider at the gate and ready to run.
  Hand each rider a golf ball or flag during the Speed Ball and Figure 8 Flag events.
  All gates to the arena should be closed during the running of every event. It is extremely important that the gate person not open the gate prematurely. No gate(s) should be opened until the rider has completed the course, the horse has been brought well under control, and the judge has signaled the rider to leave the arena.
  Do not let a rider leave the arena if the Judge is calling the rider back.
  The gate person should watch for directions from the judge.
  A good gate person will encourage each rider with a compliment - i.e. “Good luck”, “Nice Ride”, “Go get‘em”, “You can do it”, etc.
  A good gate person will check and advise all riders for proper dress code, e.g., shirts tucked in, no visors or baseball caps, etc., before the rider enters the arena so the rider will not be penalized.
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