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Local Board of Directors Meetings

Districts may choose to elect or appoint board members. The dynamics between the district's Board of Directors plays an intricate part of making a district successful. Mishandled meetings can cause dissension between board members. The biggest problem at board meetings is allowing resentment and animosity to come between board members on a personal level. If board meetings are run properly, this will not happen.

District Board members contribute greatly in helping with district shows, establishing and implementing local policies, and setting the tone for the district.

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Local District Board of Director's Meetings
To get and keep a healthy local district club, local Board of Directors meetings must be held. Some suggested rules for running a Board of Directors meeting are:
The President should send out an agenda of the items to be discussed at each board meeting. The agenda should be sent out 30 days prior to the meeting so as to ensure that members have the time to digest the topics to be discussed.
  Each board member should have time to prepare adequate inputs to the subjects to be discussed. Spur of the moment decisions are rarely healthy.
  The agenda should include Minutes of the Last Board Meeting, Treasurer’s Report, Old Business, and New Business, and "Other Comments or Concerns"
  Never have Board of Directors Meetings that are unnecessary. No one enjoys taking their time to go to a board meeting that is unnecessary.

The President should start every meeting with these ground rules:

  1. We all agree that we have the right to disagree.
  2. No comments of a personal nature will be tolerated against another member. Any member who does so will be excused from the rest of the meeting "with no exceptions."
  3. When a topic is presented, every member shall have an opportunity to give their input on the subject "without interruption."
  4. Have open discussion and input by Board members about new subjects that could help the district. The new subjects and ideas for consideration should be taken up at the next board meeting after the members have had sufficient time to evaluate the different suggestions.
  5. Stick to your agenda and keep the meetings as concise as possible. If the discussion wanders away from the topic at hand, the President can simply remind the group that the topic is under discussion, and request that they discuss that topic.
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