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CGA Show Districts are independent entities, and are not governed by CGA. While local district shows are being held, each district must run according to CGA rules and regulations, without exception. Any CGA member in good standing may compete at any local district show, provided they also follow the rules of the local district. Local district rules should be announced at the mandatory Rider's meeting and/or posted where they can be easily viewed by exhibitors.

Districts: Submit all show paperwork within one week following the show. This will ensure all riders times are posted as quickly as possible, and allow State Office to close out your show.

General Responsibilities
Show Responsibilities
Keys to A Successful Club How to Start a New District! District Downloads
General Responsibilities:
Specific Local District Needs and Responsibilities:
Show Manager Show Secretary Announcer Judge Grounds & Equipment
Gate Person Treasurer Publicity Chairperson (Scribe) Membership Chairperson
Computer Operator Arena Crew Times Writer Awards Chairperson District Delegate
District Board of Directors Meetings

CGA local districts generally have a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and a Board of Directors who are either elected or appointed by their local membership. They may start as a new organization or as an existing club. Local district club members vote in their officers and directors each year. In general, the local district's duties and responsibilities are to:

  1. Promote an atmosphere of comradeship and take care of the needs and desires of their club and district members.
  2. Recruit and appoint qualified personnel to head each district committee.
  3. Ensure that riders have a fair and equitable chance to ride and achieve some degree
    of success and recognition.
  4. Promote excellence in horse shows, judging, and management in accordance with
    CGA rules when running CGA sanctioned shows.
  5. Appoint a representative to the CGA State Board of Directors to ensure that District
    needs are heard at the State level, and to report back to the local districts CGA State
    decisions and goals.
  6. Promote CGA programs and activities that are designed for CGA members.
  7. Uphold CGA rules and regulations.
  Each district club may appoint one of their members as a district delegate to represent their club to the CGA Board of Directors. The representative is not an actual Board Member, but is allowed to vote on many issues. The representative ensures that their district members' needs and desires are heard at the state level.
  CGA Show Districts must sign an annual contract agreeing to certain rules and payment schedules when they are sanctioned by CGA. Among other responsibilities, the District agrees to report show results and submit payment of fees within a specific period of time.
  Sanctioned CGA Gymkhana shows must be run in accordance with CGA rules and regulations, without exception. These rules and regulations are designed to:

.... Ensure equal opportunity for the contestants.
.... Maximize the safety of the horse and rider.
.... Establish a reasonable code of dress and conduct.
.... Ensure humane treatment of horses.
  CGA does not interfere with local club business so long as there is no conflict with CGA rules or Bylaws. CGA’s programs are designed to complement and support the needs of riders at both the state and local levels.
  Other than when shows are being run, CGA has no authority or interest in the District’s finances, membership, governing board, rules or any other activity.
  CGA Does NOT carry medical insurance for its members. In the event of injury, members must have their own medical insurance coverage, and a CGA Accident Report form must be completed.
  Local districts must host at least seven CGA shows per year, with at least six CGA events run at each show. All 13 events must be run at least four times each at some point during the show year.

Each local district must submit all CGA show dates and start times to CGA State Office in writing at least 14 days in advance of the planned show. This requirement is necessary for the following reasons:

  1. Failure to properly notify the State Office will jeopardize our insurance.
  2. To avoid conflict with show dates of neighboring show districts whenever possible.
  3. To provide riders throughout the state with an equal opportunity to attend any show.
  4. No CGA approved shows may be held during the dates on which the Southern & Northern Spring Classics Shows, State Championship Show or CGA Convention are held. For Jamboree, special distance rules apply depending on whether it is being held north or south of Bakersfield.
  All shows will be listed in the newspaper (if time allows) and website. If a 'rain date' is planned (alternate show date in case the original date is rained out), it must be submitted with the original show date, and specified as a 'rain date'. It will be published with the 'rain date' notation.
  If an approved show date is cancelled for any reason, the local district's designated representative must advise CGA State Office immediately or not more than 24 hours following the cancellation. CGA State Office will post the cancellation advisement on the website and in the newspaper (if time permits). If a previously scheduled rain date will be utilized, State Office must receive written notice at least one week in advance of the rain date.
  Riders are encouraged to call designated local district contact persons during times of inclement weather to ensure the status of a show.
  CGA provides each local district with free software to assist in the running of the show. **Please note: The California Gymkhana Association's software, as well as many other documents on this website, are copyright protected. Anyone using these items outside of CGA without the written permission from the CGA Board of Governors and the CGA President will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  It is the local district's responsibility to use the free CGA software to put together the required paperwork and submit with required fees to CGA State Office within one week following the show. Send one show results per diskette. (The state software will only read the first show on a diskette.) The required fees are payable to 'California Gymkhana Association', and go towards funding the State level Year End Awards program.
  CGA charges each local district a set fee ($1.25) for each ride. All monies beyond that set fee go to the local district to help pay for day awards, the arena, local district year end awards, etc.
  Member clubs can advertise their clubs’ news and show dates in the official CGA newspaper, "The World of Gymkhana™". Additional issues are also mailed to each district for local distribution in feed and tack shops, and local clubs and stables. It is up to the local district to properly distribute these newspapers to encourage new attendance. Attendance at your shows is directly proportional to advertising.
  Each district club is entitled to the free use of one full page in the CGA newspaper for show advertising each year.
  District clubs (Scribe) are encouraged to submit a monthly article for publication in the monthly CGA newspaper, "The World of Gymkhana". Local show results (winner's list) will be published with each district article, if requested by the district.
  Articles are due by the 10th of the month. This allows the newspaper to be ready for submission to the printer by the 3rd Monday of the month. If your news is not in the next newspaper issue, it was not received at the CGA Office in time for it to be processed. Please email your typed article to CGA State Office at Please do not fax your article due to the poor quality of faxed copy in most cases. If the article is submitted to State Office vie email, do not format the email copy. Do not create columns for any articles sent to State Office. State Office will format the copy when it arrives. Articles are preferred in an unformatted text (.TXT) format. News articles or member created articles of interest may also be mailed to: CGA, PO Box 1746, Gilroy, CA 95021, and will be published if received by the 10th of the month.
  Increase the reader appeal of the CGA (your) newspaper by sending or emailing photographs with your district article. Attach the rider and mount name on the back of each photo, along with the District number. All photos will be returned to your district contact person.

Some districts use only the CGA Newspaper to advertise their show. Others use websites, email, flyers and/or telephone committees in addition to the newspaper. If you send flyers, the following checklist of information riders look for in a flyer may be helpful. This information is needed in any event to answer telephone inquiries regarding your shows. If you prepare flyers, they should be mailed to tack shops, stables, etc., for placement on bulletin boards and should be mailed to prospective riders at least one week prior to a show. It should contain the following information as a minimum:

  1. Name of CGA Show District
  2. Date/Day of Show
  3. Address of the Show Arena (also map showing location is desired)
  4. Show Sign-up and Starting Times
  5. Divisions of Competition
  6. Entry Fee/Event: Regular Show Events & Special Setups
  7. Awards to be Presented
  8. Events Listed in the Order They Will Be Run
  9. General Information/Ground Rules for the Show
  10. Availability of Food/Drink on Show Grounds
  11. Show Manager/Secretary’s Name & Telephone Number
  12. Combining of Classes
  13. Dress Code

CGA Districts are expected to support the State Organization as follows:

  1. Support the Jamboree, CGA State Championship, CGA Classic Shows and other “State Run” Shows by providing help (judges, secretaries, announcers, and others) as required for these shows.
  2. Provide loan of equipment and timers as may be required for State run shows.
  3. Sponsor new districts as requested by the CGA State Office.
  4. Pay $1.25/ride for each ride at CGA sanctioned shows.
  5. Abide by the CGA By Laws.
  6. Uphold CGA rules and regulations.

No district shows may be run during the above State Event dates, and including the State Awards Convention.


Rider times resulting from a CGA District Playday do not count as regular CGA Approved Shows whose results count toward CGA Year-End Awards. However, a district may put on a Playday if the following conditions are met:

  1. Each district should limit the number of Playdays per show season to no more than one, and it must be reported to the State Office at least 14 days in advance of the Playday.
  2. A Playday may be advertised in the District News section of "The World of Gymkhana" and in the Show Calendar section of the newspaper.
  3. All “Riders” must be CGA members.
  CGA supports it’s districts/clubs by providing year end awards for the riders, rule books, information manuals, World of Gymkhana™ newspaper, State Championship Show, Southern & Northern Spring Classic Shows, Jamboree, and the CGA Annual State Convention and Awards Banquet.

Each local district is expected to run an arena for one event (including match race and set-up) at the State Championship Show. A small district may combine with another small district to share an arena, if permission is received from State Office. The local district will provide timers, judge(s), announcer, time writer, gate keeper and arena help for that event/arena.

bullet     Set-ups are events run that are not part of the regular show. Set-ups are generally run following the regular show. If Set-ups will be run prior to a show, it must be submitted as such and advertised by State Office in advance to provide all riders with an opportunity to arrive early and ride the set-ups, in addition to the regular show. Riders must request specific Set-ups at least 48 hours in advance of a show. If properly requested, Local Districts must plan to run the set-up, if time allows.
Show Responsibilities:
  Districts may not hold shows if they have overdue show packets.
  Districts must provide appropriate sign-up forms to receive rider sign-ups, and Add-On forms for when a rider wants to add/scratch an event. All forms must be signed by the rider if 18 years of age or older, or by the rider's legal guardian if the rider is less than 18 years of age.

Applications for membership in the California Gymkhana Association and applications for all of the CGA Awards Programs should be displayed at the sign-up booth. They are as follows:

  1. Individual or Family Memberships
  2. Year-End Awards/Top Rating Division Awards Form
  3. Family Team Forms
  4. ROC (Race of Champions) Forms
  5. Senior Elite Forms
  6. Time Matrix Forms
  7. 13 Events Diagram Forms
  Separate competitions may be offered for horses and ponies. Any competition may be further divided if desired. For example, competition may be divided by age and/or sex of rider, height of pony, and/or divisional competition according to speed, providing the premium list so states.
  With the exception of Lead Line riders and the Hurry Scurry event, all events are open to all riders who wish to participate. Lead Line riders may NOT participate in the Hurry Scurry event for safety reasons.
  Two or more classes in the same event may be combined if there is an insufficient number of entries in either class. If classes are combined, any rider affected may withdraw their entry and is entitled to a full refund of entry fee for that class from which the horse is withdrawn.
  A rider may be led through the course by a parent or responsible party provided the rider is not able to complete the course without adult assistance. Such assistance is allowed to ensure the safety of the rider, but does not extend to the assistant touching the poles, flags or other obstacles. The horse & rider and the assistant must all properly complete the course. The assistant must conform to the same dress code defined for judges.
  When leading the animal across the timing line, the assistant must be at or behind the shoulder of the animal to prevent any timer malfunctions.
  Lead Line riders may proceed no faster than a trot or they will be disqualified.
  A horse cannot be entered more than once in any event, with the exception of Lead Line. The same rider/horse combination may NOT be entered more than once in the same event in the same arena at the same district show on the same day. This includes Lead Line riders.
  Management shall not allow any horse to participate when unsoundness or injury is sufficient to be considered an act of cruelty. The existence of a Veterinarian's note does not automatically grant an exemption. The final decision belongs to CGA, and the judge may decide that using the animal would be an act of cruelty. Any ambiguous situations should be referred to a CGA Master Judge and/or the CGA Rules Committee.
  All animals competing as 'ponies' must first be measured by two Master Judges, or a Master Judge and a Senior Judge if within four inches of the maximum pony height (54 inches). Ponies must measure 13.2 hands (54 inches) or less (plus 1/4 inch if wearing shoes) to qualify as ponies. Ponies must meet the CGA Rule Book requirements, or they will not be allowed to compete as a pony and must compete as a horse.
  No one under 18 years of age will be permitted to ride a stallion at a CGA show.
  All persons under 18 years of age must wear a helmet (properly) at all times when mounted on a horse on the show grounds.
  The dress code is in effect and must be adhered to during the running of any and all CGA events, whether those events are regular events, setups or schooling rides. A rider's obvious disregard for this dress code will preclude that rider's participation in the event. Local district management and judges may grant an exception to first time riders and for medical reasons, providing safety is not compromised.
  Districts must offer Regular, Time Only, and Set Up (if properly requested and time allows) rides. Districts may, but are not required, to offer Points Only (eligible for High Point award) and/or Schooling (practice only, not eligible for any awards, not sent to State Office) rides.
  Set-up requests must be made to Show management at least 48 hours in advance of the show. Show management must run these requested events if time permits. If set-up events are run, they must be offered to all riders present at the show.
  Show management should run all setups at the end of the regular show so that other riders can plan their day and end competition at the desired time. Some Districts want to run the setup events prior to the Regular show events. If your district wants to run setups prior to the start of the regular show, you must advertise the show as follows in the CGA paper and the Web site: “If any setups have been requested, we will run them starting at <time> before the regular show. Please call <name, number> for information on which setups, if any, are being run. Signups for setups begin at <time> and setups will start at <time>. The regular show Signups start at <time> and the regular show events start at <time>.”
  Districts are free to set any amount they wish for any type of ride. The only exception is Set-ups, which may not exceed $5.00 per event per rider/mount.
  At the end of each show the rider must be given a copy of his/her times ("pink sheet") for the events run during the day. It is very important to give every rider their ‘pink’ sheet at the end of the show.
  The day awards will vary from one show district to another depending upon the policies and finances of each district. In most cases, show districts will provide year end awards for those people who attend their local shows. Information about day and year end awards can be obtained from the Show Secretary at each of the CGA show districts since each district is different.
bullet      All districts must sign and file a yearly contract with State Office. In addition to rules and policies, the contract calls for the identification of local district officers, contact persons, district delegate, etc.

Any CGA Show District may have its sanction to run CGA Shows revoked, and may be denied any or all of the privileges of the association whenever it shall have been established by satisfactory evidence to the Board of Governors that the District performed any one or more of the violations described in the following listing of violations. Failure to understand these violations shall not be accepted as an excuse.

  • Failure to Report Shows ‐ Failing to remit payment and show results within the time period specified in the District Contract.
  • Failure to Obey CGA Rules ‐ Failing to obey and enforce the rules and regulations of the association when running CGA sanctioned shows.
  • Fraud ‐ Falsifying or withholding any times or records of any CGA sanctioned show. Sending in fraudulent insurance claims.
  • Disloyalty ‐ Disloyal acts like giving CGA proprietary information to other organizations such as membership lists, administrative data, or other information, which could decrease the competitive advantages of the CGA.
  • Failure to Agree ‐ Refusing to renew the District Contract with CGA.
  • Other Conduct ‐ Any conduct deemed detrimental to the best interests of the organization by a majority of the Board of Governors.
  • Penalties assessed against Show Districts by the Board of Governors will be in accordance the Board of Governor’s Procedure Manual. Show Districts DO NOT have an appeal process, and all decisions of the Board of Governors are final.
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