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The California Gymkhana Association was formed in 1972 by a group of Gymkhana enthusiasts. The sole purpose was to promote the sport of Gymkhana and the welfare of the Gymkhana rider. This could be accomplished by concentrating on only Gymkhana. Gymkhana shows had been held for years. It was time for the sport of Gymkhana to come into its own.

CGA has grown to be the biggest and finest Gymkhana organization in the State.

Gymkhana rider walking out horse after event.
About Rules and Information About Training for Gymkhana
What is CGA About?:
bullet The California Gymkhana Association was founded in 1972 by Gymkhana people for Gymkhana people. It was founded to serve all horsemen who want to participate in Gymkhana riding, to offer all riders the opportunity to compete under a uniform set of rules that are suited to their abilities, and to bring to many more young people the enjoyment of horsemanship and sportsmanship that Gymkhana can provide.
  CGA has developed a Gymkhana Rule Book that has become the standard for Gymkhana throughout California. The rules of the California Gymkhana Association allow management flexibility in the design of Gymkhana shows while meeting the general guidelines of the rules.
  CGA is comprised of Districts/Clubs throughout the State of California. CGA supports its districts/clubs by providing year end awards for the riders, rule book, information manual, World of Gymkhana™ newspaper, State Championship Show, Southern & Northern Spring Classic Shows, Jamboree, and the CGA Annual State Convention and Awards Banquet.
  Unlike most organizations which provide awards for relatively few people in the State, CGA has over 2,500 riders that may sign up in its various programs. A large number of these riders attend and are honored at the CGA Annual Convention and Awards Banquet each year.
  CGA has expanded considerably over the last few years. CGA Show Districts are meeting the needs of Gymkhana riders throughout the State of California. CGA has brought fairness and dignity to Gymkhana with standard Gymkhana rules and “Earn As You Learn” awards programs. All riders, from Leadline to AAA+ and Supreme, now have the opportunity to win awards in Gymkhana as they develop their riding capabilities.
  No matter what level of ability you and your horse may have, you can ride in CGA’s programs and earn a Year End Award. CGA supports both horses and ponies, and has Divisional Competition at the State level for each. CGA realizes that each rider and horse combination have different degrees of skill at various stages of development. Therefore, CGA has a program in which a rider can compete in any division of competition against riders of similar ability.
  Competition starts with the first approved CGA show following the CGA State Championship Show (late July to early August) and ends with the last ride at the State Championship Show the following year. A rider may sign up for one or more programs at any time during the show season. All programs are 60 days retroactive. This means that you must sign up for a program within 60 days of a show for that show and all subsequent shows that season to count for that award program. Registrations for year-end awards and changes to existing registrations will not be accepted after the last day of State Show. This is necessary to order the awards in time for Convention.
  CGA does not interfere with local club business so long as there is no conflict with CGA rules, Bylaws, Plocy or Procedures. CGA’s programs are designed to complement and support the needs of riders at both the state and local levels.
  The districts/clubs choose their own representative (delegate) to sit on the CGA Board of Directors to ensure that their district members’ needs and desires are heard and acted on. Although the delegate is not an actual member of the Board of Directors, they may vote on many issues and provide an update on their district.
  CGA’s entire function is to support Gymkhana clubs and their members. CGA is a nonprofit, Tax Exempt organization that subcontracts to a CGA General Manager. CGA is not a Tax Deductible organization. The General Manager runs the CGA office, administers CGA policy and supports CGA activities, and hires help as required to handle the administrative details associated with the organization. The yearly budget is comprised of: administrative expenses, General Manager’s fee, office lease, office supplies, rule books, postage, supplies used to support the CGA programs, CGA awards, and the World of Gymkhana™ newspaper.

* horse, pony, mule or donkey

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